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I replaced the rear exterior entry door. House is brick and at least older than 1945, but I don't know how much older. The original door was 30 but I was under a deadline and the big box stores only stocked 32 I measured the rough opening and the door frame, and it was tight but it would fit. The door went in fine, after removing the brick molding. I was trying to figure out how to trim it, and found that the brick molding turned 90 degrees looked pretty good. BUT, it does not come out far enough to cover the huge gap between the brick and the interior wood wall. It is basically a hollow wall, and the gap is probably 1.5 or so. If I had a piece that was about 3 wide as measured from the door frame outward, it would cover the gap, but I have no way of attaching it. Once you are beyond the gap it is only brick. The current brick molding ends just before the gap. My original plan was to put the brick molding in, and fill the rest of the gap with 3/4 corner round molding, but it is further complicated by the fact I only have a 1 wide face and the screen door I want to use needs a 1 wide face to attach to. Never mind the problem I have figureing out what to do at the top of the door. Any suggestions on how to handle this?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: RAMON SANTIAGO (Boise City, ID), 01/11/2019

If you don't mind looking at 3 fillers on the top and bottom of your 36 one, go ahead and try it. just don't break the old one taking it apart in the event that things don't do as planned. Just so you know, any glass used in a door needs to be tempered.

- Allan G. (Austin, TX), 02/26/2019

I agree with Marksr. You put a 10 lb butt in a 5 lb pair of pants. The opening wasn't made for your door, so hand making the trim is the only way to go. Posting a couple of pix would help. Hope you didn't remove the jack studs to make it fit. If so, it will fail.

- KATIE CONTRERAS (Sioux City, IA), 02/19/2019

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