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Just about to begin sheathing on my new room. The room used to be a porch. I've read up on the proper way to attach house wrap (observing correct layering with other weatherproofing items like flashing tape). My question is about the window, french doors and metal door. I have read that the top and sides of the doors and windows should get the flashing tape treatment. My window unit has no external mounting flange but all three of the units have brick moulding. So long as I apply a fat bead of sealant on the top and sides of these doors and window, what do I need flashing tape for? I can understand the flashing tape in the context of the items that have external flanges, but why is it needed on items that do not? What am I missing here?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: LORI BENNETT (Deerfield Beach, FL), 01/04/2019

Yes...LoE and gas filled works. Regular double pane really doesn't do anything about solar heat transfer. ANd you are probably correct about the glass getting hotter than a single pane...esp with the film. Many manufacturers will not warranty seal failure or stress breakage with the films. They also aren't needed with newer higher quality windows.

- DOLORES WONG (Longmont, CO), 02/08/2019

Thanks for the tips, Bill. I could hand make my own drip cap with Aluminum flashing. I saw some PVC drip molding at Lowe's to go atop the window. Is that better or worse than the aluminum flashing? To recap, after cutting the window opening from the housewrap, I cut a flap at the top, install the aluminum flashing, then use the flashing tape to cover the sill of the rough opening (also covering the front of the sill), and continuing about 6 up the window sides. I install the window and then flashtape horizontally at the bottom, then vertically the window's edge, then across the top. Then I bend the aluminum drip cap down on the window and tape off the edges of the house wrap? Whe I am installing the flashing tape up the window's edge, should it run up onto the window or just kiss the edge of the installed window?

- YOLANDA ORTEGA (Carlsbad, CA), 02/08/2019

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