Forum Title: interior door handle not hitting strike plate
We have two side by side doors in the kitchen. One leading into a bedroom and the other leading into a small den. The den door is not closing. Several months ago we had the same problem. My husband moved the strike plate forward a bit and place a cardboard shim under one of the hinges and it worked, until last night. (the bedroom door next to it works fine. Our house is on a slab, so I don't believe it is a settling issue). The mechanism that locks into the strike plate is hitting way below the hole. So that means the outer edge of the door has fallen? After several attempts to add more shim material, and recessing the top hinge into the door casing, we have made do progress in fixing the problem. I don't think we should have to be removing wood out of either the hinge or strike-plate to have the door hang properly. ?? There has been no stress to the door other than opening and closing it maybe once a day. Help please.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: BECKY ROJAS (Topeka, KS), 01/02/2019

Try tapping the hinge around with a hammer. The pin will go back in but it might take some persuading A stiff putty knife between the hinge and the door casing might also help.

- DANA RIOS (Waco, TX), 02/02/2019

Thanks. We'll give that a try. Enjoy your weekend.

- BYRON DANIEL (Cypress, CA), 02/09/2019

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