Forum Title: Interior Door Sweeps? (Gap at botom of doors to floor)
Hello, Our house is approximately 2 years old. We have all hardwood or tile floors. All of our plain Jane cheapo 6 panel pre-hung interior doors have a ~.75-1.0 gap between the door bottom and the floor. I'm no expert but I'm assuming it is a built in design clearance by the door manufacturer for carpet clearance? I have installed doors in my basement projects etc. and always trimmed these pre-hung style doors for a closer fit to the floor. Unfortunately we never thought to question the builder when our house was built about the excessive gap. Sound seems to travel under the doors with ease and they can be quite drafty depending on location in our house as well. Anyway....Is there a door sweep or something I can buy to close this gap? I have looked at Lowe's and searched some on-line but can't find anything that is not too tacky looking. Thanks. FF
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: MATTIE REEVES (Fort Worth, TX), 01/24/2019

Welcome to the forums! The gap is not what is letting in the dust, as it is on the screen side. How well do the windows seal? I know the gap is unsightly at close look, but may not be repairable and may also be inconsequential in operation of the screen.

- YVONNE CURTIS (Nashua, NH), 02/05/2019

Your doors are probably hollow. That's more than likely the cause of the noise traveling through.

- JEAN MURPHY (Avondale, AZ), 02/06/2019

Understand air return though he doors remain open most of the time except for the spare bedroom. Probably......I've never had the luxury of owning a home with solid interior doors. When I place a roiled towel at the base of the door the sound is muted substantially. I guess it is what it is. Thanks.

- BETTY THOMAS (Broken Arrow, OK), 02/02/2019

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