Forum Title: Old Doorknob, Can't remove
Hi, I don't have a (working) camera at the moment so I will try to be as descriptive as possible. Basically I have a old door knob that I can not get off, I have tried several things and it still won't budge. On the outside there is one plate with visible screws that I unscrewed. On the other side there is the same only under the first plate there is a second one, however the second one is not attached to anything but the separate locking mechanism (which is unlocked). This is where I am stuck, the handles won't pull apart! I have tried everything from looking something I need to push while pulling the knobs off to brute force, nothing works. I can not find any sort of valve or lever to depress either. As I mentioned, this is a very old door/doorknob and I am stuck, any advice would be great.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: HAZEL JENSEN (Springfield, MA), 01/05/2019

Not sure what you are asking Your present windows with properly installed storm windows will be more energy efficient than without the storm windows. New double pane windows would be more efficient that the old with storm windows.

- MARC CRAIG (Missouri City, TX), 02/14/2019

another possibility..........look for a small slot in the knob, about 1/4 long, close to the door at the edge of the doorknob. If yes, push a screwdriver in the slot and the handle will come off.

- MELVIN GUZMAN (Passaic, NJ), 02/20/2019

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