Forum Title: Plastic Screw Covers on new French Doors
Just had a new french door installed. Now I need to push in those tiny screw covers. Is there a trick to getting these things in? I have broken two fingernails so far (and I'm usually pretty handy with small jobs!), and I can't seem to get them flush. Each one is either a little too inset or even worse stuck too far out. Any ideas on how to get them flush? Appreciate any thoughts. Thanks.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: ARLENE STEELE (Tamarac, FL), 01/21/2019

No nailing fin..........makes things harder. Housewrap wraps around and into the window opening. You need adhesive flashing on ALL sides of the window. Seal along the window edges, then bend to the housewrap. Start at the bottom, then sides(overlap bottom), then top(overlap sides). Top should have an aluminum flashing that goes under the housewrap and down over the edge of the window. Then tape the flashing............and pray.

- JOAN MORGAN (Oceanside, CA), 02/28/2019

Hey, thanks for such a quick reply, and yes they certainly are being a pain in the hindquarters for sure. I'll try your suggestion. I've oversunk several of them. Do you know of a way to get them out so I can start over .

- LILLIE LYONS (Birmingham, AL), 02/10/2019

The ones that are oversunk can be extracted by driving a screw into them with a cordless drill. I usually tap the head of a nail set (turned around backwards) lightly with a hammer to set the plugs to the right depth. Actually, most of the time I throw the plugs away. They aren't the right color anyway if the door is already painted.

- Vincent J. (Cincinnati, OH), 02/02/2019

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