Forum Title: Using Tap con screws to set French door into block wall
Hi, I am going to remove a sliding glass door and replace it with a double french door. The opening of the SG door is about 72.5 inches and the French Door unit is 72 inches. Since I have no room to mount wood around the opening for my frame to screw into I would like to just shim it and use Tap Cons into the block to secure the new door. Does anyone for see any problems with this or any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thank you, Joe
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: JAMIE WEBER (Centennial, CO), 01/10/2019

I have never heard of that happening. Maybe someone else has.

- KATIE CONTRERAS (Oak Park, IL), 02/15/2019

My suggestion would be to predrill and countersink the holes through the door jamb. Use 1/4 tapcons, I have never had good luck with the 3/16 tapcons, their threads are smaller and they strip easily. Be careful as you tighten the screws, because if you strip them they are worthless. So slowly bring the heads tight, don't over-tighten. An impact works well with the bugle-head phillips screws. The length of the screw is critical. Penetration into 1 of cement is ideal. 3/4 is barely enough... 1 1/4 can be too much, and the screw will either break or won't seat.. I'll usually have along several different length screws and use the one that bites the best. In addition to the anchors you decide to use, you could also glue the jamb to the wall to help prevent any movement that might loosen the anchor over time.

- CARL P (Mesa, AZ), 03/04/2019

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